How do I order a custom-made Jobskin garment?

Jobskin garments are ordered from Jobskin Customer Service. The Jobskin Customer Service is staffed from 8am to 4pm AEST and can be contacted on 1800 772 577, 03 9915 8000 or by emailing us. You may request a quote prior to ordering the garment if required.

Orders should be placed using the master Order/Reorder Form (which provide patient and delivery details) and the relevant Measuring Form (eg Glove and Gauntlet). The garment will be despatched directly from the manufacturing facility in Melbourne.

How do I order a ready-to-wear Jobskin garment?

Jobskin ready-to-wear garments are not available by contacting us.

What if the fit of the Jobskin garment is not correct?

Jobskin is committed to ensuring that the garment fits correctly and is suitable for its therapeutic purpose. Jobskin will alter a garment at no cost within the first six weeks after fabrication. Later alterations will incur a small alteration fee. Freight will be charged for all alterations.

When should a Jobksin garment be worn?

This is a clinical decision and should be made by the treating therapist. Generally garments for the purpose of scar management are worn 23 hours/day whereas garments for lymphoedema and postural support are most commonly (although not exclusively) worn during the daytime only.

How long should a Jobskin garment last, and how should it be cared for?

Generally a Jobskin garment should last 3- 6 months if worn correctly and if washed and cared for appropriately. Some circumstances may shorten the life of the garment – for example, working in a hot and dirty environment, not wearing suitable footwear, donning and doffing incorrectly.

Jobskin garments should be either hand-washed, or machine-washed on a gentle cycle with cool water, and in a laundry bag. Environmentally-friendly liquid detergent should be used. Powdered and flaked detergents should be avoided as the garment will deteriorate, and also, sediment tends to build up in the garment which can cause skin irritations. The garment should never be dried with a drier, nor should it be hung in direct sunlight. It is best dried by being rolled up in a towel to remove excess moisture and then dried flat out of direct sun.

What level of compression should I prescribe for a custom-made garment?

This is a clinical decision and the level of compression will vary depending on the diagnosis. Garments for scar management are generally prescribed at 28-33mmHg for the lower limb, and 14-17mmHg for the upper limb. Garments for lymphoedema conditions vary in their compression levels depending on the patient’s presentation and on management to date. Clinicians are welcome to discuss this with a Jobskin clinical advisor.

How do I learn how to measure for a Jobskin garment?

Basic guidelines are available on this site, and accompany measuring forms in the order pad. Our staff are willing and able to provide you with training in measuring for garments. Refer to ‘Support and Training

What is garment prescription?

Garment prescription is the process of customising a garment to meet patient’s needs. Once all of the measurements have been taken, the clinician is able to request specific design features and modifications that will ensure that:

  • The patient is independent with donning and doffing the garment
  • The garment applies compression where it is required
  • The garment does no harm eg abrading fragile skin
  • The garment is aesthetically acceptable
  • The garment is comfortable to wear
  • The garment achieves its therapeutic purpose