JOBSKIN Support & Training

Jobskin is committed to providing you with clinical support, support in your decision-making, and with training. We  believe that empowering you, as the clinician, to make the decisions regarding the prescription of the garment.

Clinical support

Clinical Advisors are available in both Australia and New Zealand who are willing to assist over the phone or via email, and in some areas, in reviewing complex patients alongside the clinician. Clinical Advisors aim to extend your knowledge and skills by working alongside you rather than ‘doing it for you’, to support, inform and enable your decision-making and to trouble-shoot complex situations with you.

Support in decision-making

In addition to providing you with access to clinical advisors, Jobskin offers you the opportunity to speak directly with the design team at the Jobskin manufacturing facility. The design team are highly skilled and very experienced, and enjoy the challenge of finding an optimal garment solution for unusual or complex situations. The design team are not clinicians so if your query is clinical, it should be directed to one of the Clinical Advisors.


Jobskin periodically offers training workshops in your area which range from introductory to advanced, and include workshops focusing on specific diagnoses (eg Burns and Scar Management or Lymphoedema) or on specific body regions (eg the Upper Limb).