Jobskin Webinars 2022: The Short and Sweet Series

We all recognise that after two years of CoViD-19 restrictions, we are all getting a little fatigued with webinars and online PD.  Its so encouraging to see restrictions lessening, scanning-in to some venues ceasing, and interstate (and dare-we-say-it international) travel becoming more of a realistic option.  However, we’re not quite there yet, so online professional development remains the most accessible option – but perhaps more tolerable in small doses?

Introducing Jobskin’s Webinars for 2022 – the ‘Short and Sweet’ series.  Bite-sized webinars designed to tantalise your tastebuds  Small morsels to feed your PD appetite without making it a whole meal.   Each webinar will last no more than 30 minutes to make it easier to digest!