JOBSKIN Ready to Wear Garments



Used for scar management, and for reduction and control of oedema in the hand. They can also be used as a functional support alternative to bandages, allowing patients to continue with normal activities of daily living. Jobskin ready-to-wear gloves:

  • Support and protect skin.
  • Are fabricated from a soft and smooth powenet for comfort and ease of donning.
  • Can be used following hand injury to assist in control of oedema post-acute phase.
  • Can be used as interim care garment while waiting for custom garments to be fitted.
  • Are simply measured using an easy measuring system.
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Circumferential measurements are taken at the widest part of the hand and at the wrist distal to the styloid.

Size Wrist Palm
Small 12.8 - 15.3 cm 16.2 - 19.3 cm
Medium 15.3 - 17.8 cm 19.3 - 22.3 cm
Large 17.8 - 20.3 cm 22.3 - 24.8 cm
XL 20.3 - 22.8 cm 24.8 - 28.3 cm
2XL 22.8 - 25.0 cm 28.3 - 31.0 cm