Custom Compression Garments

Jobskin Compression garments are proven as an effective treatment for various conditions. Our custom compression garments maximise effectiveness as patient needs are individually accommodated.

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Clinical Indications

Burns & Scar Management

Compression Therapy is the most widely accepted conservative non-invasive intervention for the management of hypertrophic, abnormal and keloid scarring. The pressure garment must apply graduated compression at a level of 28-33mmHg (at the ankle) which evidence suggests is optimal for therapeutic effectiveness. Compliance is key for effectiveness so a custom-designed and made garment is able to accommodate patient preferences as well as meet the needs identified by the treating clinician.


This complex condition most commonly requires long-term wear of compression garments in order to maintain lymphatic volume reductions and to prevent volume increases over time. A powernet custom-made garment is clinically indicated when patients are not suitable for ready-to-wear yet the clinical indications for a flat-knit garment are not present. These garments can be custom-made in any design with a compression level of up to 70mmHg. Custom-made powernet garments are particularly useful for head, neck and torso oedema.

Postural correction and support

Compression Therapy is used for a range of clinical conditions to either correct posture (eg scar contracture, poor posture secondary to scarring) or to improve power and reduce pain through postural support (eg hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). The garment is constructed with additional panels to encourage and/or restrict some postures and to provide additional support.

Garment Personalisation

Prescribing the garment that is ‘just right’ means selecting a garment design with any necessary options and modifications that a patient can live and work in.

It is essential that:

  • The patient can get the garment on and off.
  • The garment accommodates various skin states (eg newly healed fragile skin).
  • The garment fits well and provides compression where it is needed.
  • The patient is willing to wear it.
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Examples of our custom-made garments