The Jobskin Design Team, with input from the Clinical Advisors, have redesigned the bra-cups that are used in vests and bodysuits.

We recognise that comfort is essential for patients who need to wear garments for up to 23 hours a day, but so is optimal compression. Compression is particularly difficult to achieve over the sternum and over breast tissue and so in the interests of continuous improvement, the design team went to work.

The result is a bra-cup design that has improved conformity to the breast, including the medial aspect, and improved contact with the sternum. For increased sternal compression, the vest or bodysuit (with bra-cups) can be paired with a custom sternal strap.

The new design allows fitting across the range of bra-cup sizes and allows for better support and comfort, with more contemporary attractive styling.

In addition, the designs allow for discrepancies in size between the left and right breasts which may result from breast lymphoedema, trauma or mastectomy. Pockets can be included behind the cups to accommodate breast prostheses. Lace can be added to make the garment more feminine and can be 'mixed and matched' with varying fabric and thread colours to create a stylish and acceptable garment.