COVID-19 - Update #1

To our valued customers and clinicians,

Jobskin is committed to patient and community safety and so is closely monitoring government directives that may impact our production facility and the health sector as a whole. 

At this stage, the Jobskin facility is completely staffed and will remain so with strengthened PPE protections, unless government directives suggest otherwise.  There are no indications that custom-made garments can be contaminated by CoViD-19 and so their manufacture and provision will continue as usual.

However, you may see some adjustment to the way that you are able to interact with our Clinical Advisors.  The majority of health facilities are actively reducing elective appointments, but for those patients who you will be seeing, and you would like clinical advice or support, please contact Rosemary  or Veronica directly and they will work with you to find a solution.  Clinical visits are still possible, but your patient and facility may best be served by an electronic link-up as an alternative.

In the event of the complete lockdown, we will seek government guidance as to whether we fall under the “healthcare provider” provision and we will aim to at maintain a skeleton staff if possible.

The situation is evolving every day, and we will update you accordingly.

On behalf of the Jobskin Team

Adam Ho - Managing Director