Custom Compression for Genital Oedema - Session 1

Custom Compression for Genital Oedema - Session 1

Date: 18-August-2021

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Now here’s a clinical challenge! 

Torsos are often much more intimidating to measure and for a therapist to feel confident that their measurements will result in a good fitting garment – and then genital oedema is thrown into the mix. 

Ready-to-wear options are limited for genital oedema, and interim garments can lack dignity as a long-term solution, so a custom garment can quickly become the clinical necessity.  This webinar will highlight the Jobskin options that are available, teach you how to measure and will conclude with some case studies to illustrate how a custom garment can be used for genital oedema.

CPD Points will be provided to clinicians who attend on the day.

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